And I’m Back!

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been so long since I have posted a blog as you might remember, I had a death in my family and I had to leave the state to attend the funeral. Then after I had gotten back things in my family took a while to line back up. I’m back now and will continue to post blogs for time to time. This blog is going to be about the political debates and the run for the next president. We all know that the news is all and only about the candidates campaigns and the polls and who is better than who. It seems to change every day. My brother Rick and I have been having some of our own debates about this topic and I plan to share of of those with you today.

To give some background, I April am a Liberal and Rick my brother is a die hard Republican who is having a very hard time right now :). I shouldn’t joke but it is pretty funny. OK, so here is how it went.

Me: Hey Rick, how’s it going?

Rick: It could be better

Me: What’s up?

Rick: URG

Me: …

Rick: Have you been following the news? Watching the candidates have at each other?

Me: No, I try not to pay attention what they are doing

Rick: Why?

Me: It doesn’t who wins, nothing will change

Rick: Things will change, it just depends on how they will change

Me: Sure

Rick: Are you going to vote?

Me: Depends

Rick: On what?

Me: If I feel like it when the day comes

Rick: You should vote

Me: Why?

Rick: Because it matters

Me: How?

Rick: So the right person wins

Me: Who is the right person?

Rick: …

Me: Hello?

Rick: The right person is the one that you think is going to do the best job

Me: What if I think that none of the choices are going to do a good job?

Rick: Then vote for the one that you feel will be better than the other one

Me: What if I feel that no matter who is chosen they will do a bad job just in a different way than the other person?

Rick: …

Me: Who are you voting for?

Rick: I haven’t decided yet

Me: Not Trump? Isn’t he the republican candidate?

Rick: I haven’t decided yet

Me: What will happen if I vote for Clinton and you vote for Trump? Won’t that just cancel each other out?

Rick: No, that will just add one vote to each side

Me: Huh

Rick: There is no cancelling, just adding and who ever has the most is the next president.

Me: Thanks Rick

Rick: No seriously,  you shouldn’t think of it as one vote cancelling another vote out, think of it as just adding a vote to the side that you want to win

Me: That seems reasonable enough but what if I don’t like any of the sides and don’t think or feel that any of them should win.

Rick: Why do you not like any of the candidates?

Me: Don’t you feel that the way they choose to run their campaigns is totalling focusing on the wrong thing?

Rick: How do you mean?

Me: Like how they just try to make the other side look bad, they try to make us of us think that their opponent is a shady character and that they are not, they don;t focus on anything positive and truly no matter what they say, the president doesn’t have all power to make anything that say happen, a democrat president can say they will do “this thing” but all the republicans in the government will stop it from happening and vice versa, so who really cares anyway, right?

I’m going to leave it here for know, this discussion goes on for a while, I’ll continue it in a little bit, thanks everyone for sticking around.




Taking a break

Unfortunately I have had a death in the family and need to deal with a few things.  I will not be able to post very often for the next few weeks.  I understand that this may come as a disappointment to some of you but sometimes things happen and life gets in the way. Please check back every so often to see if I am back.  I am not certain on the timeline as I am going out of state to my relatives estate.  I appreciate all of your support during this trying time.


Mike: I don’t know for sure where anything “came from”, but I see no

evidence to convince me that it was anything other than spontaneous

reactions. That is entirely plausible in my mind, especially considering how

little we really understand about the universe over billions and billions of

years. Evidence means different things to different people. Take the

sunrise for example; I say that sunrise happens every day and is only

beautiful to humans. To animals, it’s no big deal. And in a short time, it will

not exist anymore, as the sun will burn out as all stars eventually do. I think

man invented God to avoid the reality of how small we really are. For me,

our smallness and insignificance are fascinating. They motivate me to

make the most of the little bit of time and space I’ve been given.

April: It’s funny you say that because I see the sun and the universe and

think, wow, I’m small and insignificant lol! I think the same way you do, but

to me I think God made everything that vast and hard to grasp so we could

realize how small we really are. That’s how big and complex God is.

Mike: If Christians cannot justify God killing babies, then seems to me they

need to accept one of the following conclusions: 1. God might be a sinner

2. There is no absolute right or wrong. Even the act of killing a baby is

subject to interpretation. Unless there is a third that I didn’t think of.

April: Funny how our opposing views end up in the same place. I would say

number 2 isn’t too far-fetched. Or three. So how did the chemicals get in

our brains?

Mike: It’s possible that they have always been present in the universe. It’s

also possible that humans have a flawed concept of time because we

experience so little of it. Who knows? Maybe after a trillion years or so, time

repeats itself. Our brains are not equipped to deal with this. We struggle to

understand a concept like “the beginning of time”.

Also- people try to prove creationism wrong by arguments like there being

stars whose light takes more than 6000 years to reach us. If God created

the universe from in six days, He could hang stars out there that were

technically older. It makes no sense to refute creationism with science. If I

heard someone skeptical of Noah being able to build that huge boat I would

say, “of course Noah couldn’t build an ark capable of holding all those

animals. But God had special interest in Noah’s success so Noah had

some help.”

April: Mike you’re finally thinking like a Jesus freak. I’m not sure that’s what

you wanted to hear though, ha!

Mike: Where it puts me is here:

1. I don’t believe there is a God and I believe there are natural laws,

even if we don’t completely understand them.

2. I believe Creationists accept a God who can override the natural


April: I kind of feel like you have had a major breakthrough. Like, the kind

that made us have to call the roofer in commerce mi because that hailstorm

broke through our roof so fiercely lol!!! And seriously, they are almost

done. Yipee!!!

So readers- have you had any breakthroughs? Is this helping you see how

to remain calm in debates? In the next article I’m going to give some

debate tips and tricks- so stay tuned!

And it continues

Mike: When the killing of a baby comes down to the difference between “killing”

and “murder”…..I’m out. That makes NO sense to me. I wish Christians

sometimes would say something like “I don’t know how to justify killing babies.

That’s a mystery to us, but theology is working on that.” In all honesty, the

explanation of why it’s ok for God to kill a baby strikes me as morally bankrupt.

April: So here’s where I think you are continually inconsistent (like how I worded

that); Yes it’s hard to grasp how killing babies is ever ok. However, here’s the issue

with your stance- where does your awareness come from that murdering babies

is wrong? You always point to evolution but we’ve both seen there is little

evidence for that in the science community and nowhere in the animal kingdom

do you see an ethical standard that says it’s wrong to murder babies. An

evolutionary model of ethical standards doesn’t work because an objective ethical

system is in itself irreducibly complex. And natural selection (which you’ve used

and which is only a biological engine from what I understand) lacks casual power

and scope to explain an objective ethical system that spans time, region, space,

and culture. Essentially- you think God was wrong. Where does that thought

come from?

Mike: So then….there’s nothing that’s just plain WRONG. Correct?

April: Yes, there is wrong. Clear wrongdoing. But we cannot NOT do wrong. I’m

not sure where you got that I said there is no wrong? It’s hard to

explain…paraphrase for me? Just to see what you’re hearing from me.

Mike: Well, I thought you agreed that there were no “absolutes”. If killing babies

isn’t WRONG, then what is? You’re saying things are wrong only if done for the

wrong reasons…like killing babies.

April: Hmph. Not what I’m trying to say. Give me time to think of a better way.

I’ve got the roofing company here and need to get the kids out of the house

before they go bonkers from the sound. But God has literally given all of us

discernment to know good from bad. So you have that knowledge, from God. But

you can’t live up to it. Anyways- I might be slow to respond to you next email.

Mike: Regarding my considering something to be wrong – here’s where that

comes from. I am a human and have a part of my brain that is dedicated to

emotions. This part of our brain is what connects us to other living things and

causes us to have sympathy, etc. “Wrong” is something that causes that part of

our brain to kick in and trigger negative emotions. It’s all chemically based. It is

not borne of some universal set of ethics.

April: But if we evolved from animals why do they not have that chemical process

and why do we? I am not arguing to argue…I truly don’t understand this part,

kind of like how you don’t understand our faith, you just don’t get it. I just don’t

get this. I understand the chemical stuff. I believe God gave us those. He designed

us that way. Why do animals lack that chemical? And, again, where did that

chemical come from- the chemical we ALL, aside from animals or insects etc,

come from? Did it evolve?

It really is mind blowing to me that people can’t see we were created. Everything

in this universe was created, and has a creator- and everything has a purpose.

Bikes- someone created that for transportation and sport. A fork- to eat food.

The Brazilian cherry flooring you just had installed- created because it’s high

quality (and um, freaking gorgeous) and we need floors. Came from

tree’s…created so we can breathe fresh air. And if something was created, that

implies there must be a creator.

So you see friends- the art of debate isn’t too difficult- in our next post we’ll share

more of this debate because I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats!

God debate continued…..

Hope you enjoyed the video, I thought it was a pretty decent debate even though it was on Fox News. 🙂

This is a continuation of the discussion on the first page. It’s a great debate to

read through that can help anyone really get down the art of discussing difficult

topics, especially with loved ones.

Mike: What stops us atheists from running around like savages and murdering

and pillaging?

April: The answer is this: common grace. Common grace is that spirit of “good”

that we all seem to have. We all seem to, deep down, know right from wrong. No

matter our beliefs. That comes from God. You don’t magically receive it by

accepting Christ in your life. We all have it, because He loves us all. Other things

that fall under common grace would be good tasting food. Everyone enjoys

flavors and yummy food. He could have made food taste horrible! But we are able

to enjoy our lives, no matter our sin or rejection of Him. SAVING grace is where

we are saved from those sins, so we can live in eternity with Him. So that’s what

stops you darn atheists as running around like savages. God. God and His love and

truth. Even when you reject it.

Mike: So is it wrong then to kill babies- I’m not understanding. I’m wondering if

there’s a yes/no answer to that.

April: Yes.

Mike: So then God sinned when he created the flood.

April: No lol.

Mike: But you just said killing babies was sinful.

April: I said murder is sinful. Not killing….for someone who never was about

absolutes you sure seem to be all about it. And give me time. I’m trying to explain

but the roofing company is still here and they need me to make a decision. Hold


Mike: We’re about to leave to get a Christmas tree, so we can talk later. I’m not

really about absolutes. I’m just trying to pin you down to understand what

Christians believe. I don’t think there is absolute right and wrong, but I thought

Christians did. So, on that basis, I’m still wondering if killing babies is an absolute

wrong, or not, and if so, why wouldn’t God be a sinner since He did it? For the

record, I believe killing babies is wrong and I would condemn anyone for doing it,

even God if I believed in Him. I would never worship him, knowing that he did

that and other things that offend me. But I don’t have to worry about any of it,


April: That’s a good question and I don’t have a clear answer.

Mike: I love that you are always open to challenges and are inquisitive and

curious. That must be where Ayden gets it.

April: Ok, Back to the murder killing sin thing. Murder is taking the life of an

innocent person without just cause. Killing is not the same. Murder is killing, but

killing is not necessarily murder. Because God created us, we belong to Him.

That’s how we crazy Christians view it. We, and everything around is, is His. So,

think of it this way:

Scott has his own tree service company that he created and works hard for. Is it ok for

him to make changes, fire people, hire people, or sell parts of it? Of course! It’s

his lawn company and he can do what he wants with it in order to make sure it

thrives and brings in business.

Continue reading “God debate continued…..”

The art of debate

DebateArt.  Well, more specifically the art of debate.  Perhaps it’s more the art of logic and reasoning? Either way- this is a form of art that has seemed to be less and less important to our society as we progress.  In this day and age, with social media and all those internet trolls- it’s even more important to be able to respond to a disagreement or challenge with grace, wisdom, humility, and even a little humor.  This is even more important for our families and relationships as more and more families become divided by religion, politics, or even sports.

In my family- we have an Atheist, Mormon, Christian, and new age follow your bliss type of person.  We also are all incredibly opinionated and educated. Our careers range from being President of a piping business to owning a lawn company. We are all very different, but family.  In most cases, this would be a recipe for disaster- but not for us.  For my family, we use these differences to grow closer.  Yup- it’s actually possible.

To prove fun, kind debate is possible I wanted to just show you through a debate my Dad and I have been having through email. It covers all the taboo topics and gets pretty in depth.  I want to show it to you, the readers, so you can see that these things can be fun- and to let you see the skill it takes to master the art of debate, reasoning, logic, and rhetoric.  So…enjoy!

April (Christian beliefs): How can you tell a line is crooked?

Mike (Atheistic non beliefs, as he would say) How do I tell if a line is “crooked”? What is your definition of “crooked”? And what kind of line are we talking about? Euclidean? Non-Euclidean? Where is this line; on paper? The shingles from that roofing company at your house? A line only has one dimension, length. Consequently, it is invisible to the human eye and is only a concept. You have never seen a line. You have only seen rough approximations. Further, a line is not “perfect”. It is simply a dimension. But it’s only characteristic is that it does not change direction. If a “line” changes direction, that is a geometric concept, not an imperfection. And I don’t see where any of this relates to good, bad, or God. It’s like saying the process of asphalt parking lot sealing can explain complex concepts like morality and the purpose to life. It’s a vague and false analogy that I’m guessing is used to sway people who are not mathematically inclined. Continue reading “The art of debate”

Nice to be back

Five years later, I am back in the blog game.  I plan on sharing some conversations that my family has had.  I guess they are debates more than conversations.  Our family loves to debate about many things but especially about the origin of life and religion.  I am actually very proud of the way that we can debate without getting nasty, that is why I have decided to share with the world.  I believe I can help a few people that have a hard time respecting each others beliefs.  I will be making my first post soon so please come back and check it out.  See you soon!